All GBCRA members are welcome to join any session

Book Club

The GBCRA Book Club meets on the last Friday of each month from September to June (excluding December).  We meet online  with an option to attend in person.  

All GBCRA members are welcome.  For more information contact Dianne Diniz

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The Bridge Club currently meets virtually every Monday from 1:00 - 3:00pm. We are a friendly group of members that range from beginners to intermediate in terms of skill range. We use Zoom as our communication tool and the "Bridge Base" app is the forum we use. We often have one table set up and share who sits at the table throughout our two hours of play. 

Bridge Club
Club Convenor:  Laura Lothian-Bryant

When one is not playing they are in the role of 'Kibitzing" which allows one to see all the hands being played and follow along with the play. The app also allows for a review of the hand played in its 'history' section which lets us review our bidding process and how we fared with others who played that same hand. We have an avid bridge player who joins us when she can and provides us with great guidance / lessons as related to the hands played. We would love to have you join us and only ask that you have the ability to run the Zoom platform and the Bridge Base app at the same time - whether that means two devices (a computer, an I-pad, or your smartphone) or the ability to have two screens open and running on your computer. Our overall goal is to learn and play bridge but even more so it is to have fun while doing so. a description here.

This Club was formed to provide Retirees of George Brown College interested in live theatre a variety of theatrical performances to attend as a group at theatres within Toronto as well as at the Stratford and Shaw Festivals. 
In past years we have also attended  student performances at the Soulpepper Theatre which also houses the George Brown Theatre School.

We have also travelled to see performances at the Stratford Festival.
 After performances, we have been able to get together for food and drink at nearby restaurants to discuss and compare our impressions of the performances we have just seen.

Unfortunately, the Covid Pandemic has resulted in the cancellation of these activities over the past 2 years but hopefully in 2023, we will be able to get back on track and enjoy plays and musicals together. Needless to say, as the pandemic becomes more under control, spectator productions have begun to open for the public to enjoy. Our Club made the decision to move forward cautiously holding off activities until 2023 so that all those interested will feel totally safe.   

If any Retirees are interested in this years’ Productions at the Shaw and Stratford Festivals, they may obtain tickets by clicking the these links   Stratford  Festival or the
Shaw Festival . Both festivals have organized bus transportation to the venues from Toronto and back which can be booked when purchasing tickets. 

Theatre Club
Club Convenor: Jennifer Cooke